How It Works

Did you know you can save over 50% on your favorite game?

You see, in some parts of the world, there are regional service providers (Asia in particular) that offer discounts to their locals. If you go through these providers, you can save a good deal on in-app purchases.

The flow chart below explains the process:

How it works

By shopping with us, you take advantage of 2 Bulk Discounts with an additional Regional Discount.

The way an order gets processed is simple. We log into your mobile game account and purchase your desired in-game Premium Currency with the best discounts available, then we return the game to you, untouched, with the amount of Premium Currency you ordered on top of what you already had.

Our web store is secured with 256-bit encryption SSL. Your account information is always safely handled with care by our processing experts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What currencies do you accept as payment?

While our product prices are listed in USD, we accept payments from anywhere in the world. The payment will automatically be converted to your local currency via exchange rate supported by your payment method.

Is there a chance of getting banned for using your service?
No, of the thousands of customers we serviced, not a single one has been banned from using our service. There is no reason for the game developer to ban your account because they are getting paid full amount on purchases we make on your behalf. We're taking advantage of huge discount offers to make real purchases.

The safety and well being of our customer's account is our number one priority. We do extensive testing on each game before we decide to provide our services. We love our customers and would like to develop long term relationships with them.

Do you sell any injections, cheats, or hacks?

Absolutely not, we have zero-tolerance for hacks. Using an injection or hack is the fastest way to getting one's account banned, and most importantly, it doesn't support the game developer. All our services are provided in a way that supports the game developers.

How long will it take for you to process my order?

The average order is processed in under 24 hours. Please make sure you follow the How to Order instructions for your item and provide us with the correct information otherwise your order could be delayed if we are unable to access your account.

Do I need to be logged out of my game account for you to deliver my order?

Yes, during the processing time, we will need to be on your account. However, if you leave an Instant Messenger contact such as Skype, we can send you an IM prior to logging onto your account, so you can still enjoy the game while waiting.

What are Facebook Approvals Codes and why do you need them?

Facebook has the tendency to block account access from different IP. If you provide us with Approvals Codes first, it will allow us to process your order without any interruption.

How do I get my Facebook Approvals Codes?

Please refer to this page for instructions, if you require any further assistance, we will be happy to help via Live Chat.

How can I be sure you won't take my Facebook account?

After you enable your Two-factor Authentication, you can simply reset your Facebook access with a text message. There is no chance to lose your account as long as you have your cellphone.

If you have any other questions about our product or process, feel free to ask us on Live Chat or email us at: